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The right insulation can provide year-round comfort & cost savings

  • Rigid foam insulation comes in large panels of varying thicknesses. It’s the best insulation to use on basement and crawl space walls because it doesn’t absorb moisture or attract mold.
  • Tru-Soft™ cellulose insulation is made from recycled newspaper treated to resist combustion, insects and mold. It’s often blown into attics as an insulation upgrade, but it can also be blown into wall and floor cavities.
  • Injection foam is specially formulated for insulating wall cavities, cathedral ceilings and other enclosed spaces. With excellent flow and fill characteristics, it can be used where there’s no insulation or where existing insulation isn’t performing adequately.
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is a two-part, closed-cell spray foam with many uses. It expands when applied, sealing air leaks while also creating an effective thermal barrier. It’s often used in attics and basements.

As an experienced insulation contractor, Energy Advisor Pro helps homeowners improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their home with top-rated insulation products and installation services.

Sealing air leaks and adding insulation can provide many benefits in your home, including reduced noise from outside, less pollen and dust, better humidity control, and lower chances of ice dams on the roof.

If you have drafty rooms, high heating or cooling bills, cold floors, or ice dams, start by scheduling a free in-home consultation and let one of our insulation specialists answer all your questions about the benefits of adding insulation, what R-value you need, and the differences between insulation materials.

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Attic insulation services in Charlotte

We install blown-in, spray foam and radiant barrier attic insulation. Click to learn more!

Garage insulation services

An attached or detached garage with living space above needs proper insulation to stay comfortable year round.

Crawl space insulation solutions

Air sealing & insulating the crawl space can improve the home's overall comfort and air quality.

Basement insulation options

Whether finished or unfinished, it's important to choose the right insulation to avoid moisture problems and mold.

Wall insulation services

Insulating existing wall cavities can be tricky. Trust the experts to install dense-packed cellulose or injection foam.

Home air sealing

We can help you save on heating and cooling costs and increase comfort by finding and sealing air leaks in your home.

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Adding insulation with the right R-value can make a big difference in your home. Are you ready to upgrade your insulation, but don't know where to start? The experts at Energy Advisor Pro can recommend a solution that solves your needs and fits your budget. We offer a variety of cost-effective insulation options like spray foam, blown-in insulation, radiant barrier and more. 

If you're interested in upgrading your existing insulation or would like new insulation installed, contact us today for a free estimate in Salisbury, Concord, Matthews, Lexington, Kernersville, Monroe, Mooresville or nearby!

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